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Nintendo at one point had the entire gaming industry at it's feet even during the days of the sega systems such as master system, genesis, saturn, and dreamcast. Then Sony came into the industry as a sleeper competitor that has now become the giant of them all. Microsoft had a...
John C. McGinley is great hands down, HipHopGamer speaks with him about the new show Stan Against Evil and so much more. Also he reveals that Playstation is his console of choice make sure to stay tuned to Stan Against Evil.
Tekken 7 is coming early next year, HipHopGamer speaks with Katsuhiro Harada about the PC version, Virtua Fighter, and the fighting game that made him love the overall genre in the gaming culture.
Ever since the classic Cool Boarders and especially SSX snowboarding titles from back in the day the game industry has seen a huge voide within the snowboarding category. Finally Ubisoft surprised us gamers not only with an amazing snowboarding game but actually have 4 games in...
HipHopGamer sits down with Prodigy of Mobb Deep , Jean Grae, and more about Hip-Hop and comics check out the interview.
If your a fan of the classic movie Road Trip with Breckin Meyer well he's back with a new show called Supermansion. HipHopGamer speaks with Breckin & Zeb Wells to get the official details on the creation of the show and how much fun it was to make.
Tim Meadows & Cheryl Hines speaks about never giving up on your dreams, and how at times it can be tricky doing a show where the main character is a cartoon. This is a short yet informative interview check it out now.
Titanfall 2 OMG seriously this game is smoothest feeling first person shooter on the market. It plays super incredible especially on the Playstation 4 Pro system. You got to see this video to understand the level of power and excitement this game brings to the industry table...

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