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HipHopGamer speaks with the developers behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the gameplay , the story, the overall energy put into games is truly something special listen in for more details.
Haddy Racks just dropped a new powerful project entitled RESUME, but will his resume in gaming stack up against the witty lyrical Mickey Factz? find out right now and stay tuned for more on these incredible artist, START GAME.
WWE 2K17 could be the best one yet simply because you have Brock Lesnar & Bill Goldberg preparing for the battle of the beasts. Enjoy the cover reveal it's intense.
Dark Souls is a cult classic easily, and at the same time creative teams discover ways to exceed previous displays of development. For Honor is the game that has accomplished this ability to exceed, and possibly dethrone.
HipHopGamer speaks with the developers for Ghost Recon Wildlands, yes the game is completely different from what we're use to and that's a great thing.
Kratos is back but this is a new Kratos. T.C. Carson is no more in terms of the voice acting, we did not see the blades of chaos, Kratos has a son, this game truly looks to re-define the franchise and what action can be achieved on the Playstation 4, enjoy the interview.
TEKKEN 7 is hands down re-shaping the face and feel of the fighting game genre. The transition from In-Game Cinematics to raw gameplay is astounding. TEKKEN 7 will also be added to the E-SPORTS arena as well so this will be very interesting for the new fighter to test the waters...
Todd Mcfarlane is great, hands down a God gifted talent. Although he is great he has been through many tough situations to get to where he is at today. In this interview HipHopGamer & RedInfamy discuss his Fears, Success, Spawn, Titanfall 2 and more, enjoy it.
Titanfall had a rough start in the industry back when it was a Xbox One console exclusive. Now it's not a joke, Story, Gameplay, Graphics, Features, Titanfall 2 is a powerhouse and E3 2016 set the stage for major A$$ Kicking in the FPS genre of gaming. Enjoy the interview.

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