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HipHopGamer speaks with Jamila Velazquez, this girl is amazing hands down a bright future is ahead of this woman enjoy the interview God Bless.
HipHopGamer recently spoke with a new up and coming rapper by the name of Que9, let's see what the world is like for a young homie in the game.
Titus O'Neil keeps it real on the red carpet, speaks on being a normal guy who loves to spread love to any and everyone. It was truly an honor to talk to him and also he's ready for anyone in Madden NFL Football. Enjoy the interview God Bless
Michael Bay speaks with HipHopGamer about what it takes to bring a film to life on the big screen and working on a new VR game. enjoy the interview God Bless
HipHopGamer speaks with Tyler Perry (Baxter Stockman) of the new Teenage Mutant Ninjat Turtles Movie Out Of The Shadows, enjoy it.
HipHopGamer speaks with Suda51, Producer on games like Killer7, Fire Pro Wrestling, No More Heroes, and more. Enjoy the interview
HipHopGamer Demonstrates Homefront Revolution Gameplay On Playstation 4 See For Yourself
This song is inspired by the game industry that chose to ignore nathan drake and naughty dog in 2007 calling Uncharted a fake tomb raider. The tables have turned, both games are great but Uncharted is #1 and this is what Nathan Drake would say let's go!
Ira Antelis joins Brown & Scoop to discuss how Michael Jordan added to his legendary brand. Ira Antelis is the composer of the "I Wanna Be Like Mike Song" and it's a classic still to this day check it out.

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