A virgin in the NFL? Say it isn't so!

In a recent interview with Muscle and Fitness magazine, the 24-year-old NY Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara, revealed that he is still a virgin and hasn't consumed one drop of alcohol.

Dubbed the "Black Tebow", Amukamara is currently engaged and is set to marry next year.

Check out some excerpts from the issue:

When we spoke right after you entered the league, you said you had never been drunk in your life, and that you’ve actually never had a drop of alcohol. Is that still true

A lot can happen in that time, but it is still true. I still haven’t had a drink. I told my fiancé that I’ll probably take my first drink at my bachelor party. I don’t know if I will, but…

Maybe you should wait til the wedding. If you do it at the bachelor party, that could get out of hand quickly.

[Laughs] I know. I still haven’t had one, though.

You said one of your nicknames is “the black Tim Tebow.”

[Laughs] Yeah, some people call me the black Tim Tebow.

Well, Tim Tebow famously said that he was a virgin. Are you? Are you open to talking about that?

Yeah, I am a virgin. I’m not ashamed to say that.

Another question people would ask from the outside is if you don’t drink and don’t have sex, how do you blow off some steam?

I still enjoy going out. I still enjoy dancing, and I get high off of everyone else’s high. If everyone is having a good time, that makes me have more fun, even though I don’t need everyone to be happy for me to be happy, if that makes sense.

You can check out the full interview here.

A virgin in the NFL, other than Tebow (even though he's out), is simply remarkable LOL. I'm sure they get approached all the time by females, talk about will power.

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