I need a "that's racist" button pushed right now.

According to the NY Post. an executive at the firm who's in charge of security at the US Open tennis tournament does not like black people at all.

E-mails obtained by the Post reveals that Scott Dennison, a 56 year old, who's the VP for special events at Contemporary Services Corp. repeatedly used the N word in an e-mail.

He also called African Americans the N word, "scum suckers" and "worthless. Dennison wrote that "No African Americans please only limited quantities that have brains and can actually do a day’s work,” on October 1, 2009.

On July 14, 2011 sent another e-mail in regards to sending a German Shepard trainer to Boston to check out a replacement for a dog that died. In his e-mail he stated "If he likes what he sees he will fly the Dog to Denver. There he will do a great deal of bite work, off leash training and some n—-r eating exercises.”

Sean Felder from Harlem is suing Dennison for e-mails that were sent July 22, 2010. He was a former employee at Flushing Meadows where the job posting was advertising the open position.

Dennison has not been fired but was sent home.

--blank stare--

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