The G.O.A.T Michael Jordan still has it at this age.

There's this video circulating of MJ going head to head with a then teen Milwaukee Bucks' OJ Mayo at his Jordan Flight School camp and beating him, badly.

Jordan sat down for a recent interview regarding NBA 2K14 where he spoke about beating Lebron one-on-one, and in this interview, MJ also recalled a time when OJ Mayo was one of the top high school ballers in the country and attended his basketball camp.

MJ said OJ trash talked him the entire time, and if you know Jordan as a player, you know he doesn't take that lightly and uses it as ammo, which he did and put the campers to bed!

Peep the video of the beatdown below! The first clip is of a game Jordan played in front of the entire camp. The second clip is where things get interesting.

The infamous fadeaway!!

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