A Driver Tried To Purposely Run Over Former Los Angeles Laker Chris Duhon With A Car!


NBA free agent Chris Duhon was involved in an argument in a parking lot and ended up in the Orlando Regional Medcal Center.

According to Yahoo Sports, Orlando police investigators said a driver purposefully struck a man with his car right in the middle of a Plaza Parking Garage in Downtown Orlando around 7pm.

That man was later identified as former Los Angeles Laker, Chris Duhon.

According to the police report, Duhon was walking with his brother-in-law, Julio Hernandez, on the level 2C in the parking garage when the driver in black Lexus began honking at them to move out of his way.

Hernandez told police as the Lexus was passing by the driver rolled down his window and shared some words with himself and Duhon. Then the driver got out of his vehicle and started arguing face to face with Duhon.

Hernandez said he separated the two men and then he and Duhon started walking away and the driver went back into his vehicle. Duhon and Hernandez were only about twenty feet away from the Lexus when the driver sped up towards them. Hernandez was able to get out of the way in time but Duhon was struck, landed on the hood of the car, and hit his head on the windshield.

Ambulance transported Duhon to the Orlando Regional Medical Center and thankfully he isn’t seriously injured.

Duhon does plan on pressing charges against the driver if he’s caught.

We all have ran into these situations before, and now you can see how quickly it can escalate. I hope Chris is okay.