Looks like there's trouble in lovers paradise with Floyd Mayweather and his alleged jumpoff Princess Love, (she's also Ray J's sidepiece but that's a whole other story)

It at all started when Miss Jackson, Mayweqther's on/off-again girlfriend was spotted ring side, at his fight against Canelo Alvarez.

Love reportedly thought the two were no longer in a relationship, and naturally she was upset that she wasn't sitting ring side. There's a text between Mayweather and Love concerning the seats floating around.

According to a source, Love was robbed shortly after these messages were sent, not Floyd Mayweather whom people initially thought was robbed.

Here's what sources told BOSSIP:

“A robbery did happen but it was Floyd who had sent his assistant to break into where Princess lived and take only a select few items while she was at the fight."

“He continued to insist that her friends had most likely robbed her and that he was the only person she could trust. This was an attempt to get her to cut all ties to friends and move closer to him so that he could have total control. He lied and manipulated, so when he had slipped up about certain information regarding the robbery everything had become clear.”

“I know for a fact that he wants the women he is involved with to completely rely on him.”

“Just how he was extremely against Princess Love going back to school or starting her own clothing line. Now as everyone can see, she is free to do as she pleases, is pursuing her fashion dreams and that obviously pisses him off. Why else did he never mention the fact that they were no longer together when all of these things came out? Because he would much rather people see him as the victim and tarnish her name instead.”

Take a look at some more of the heated text messages via BOSSIP

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