The Decision Part Two? Carmelo Anthony Continues To Fuel Lakers Rumors


Carmelo Anthony hasn't ruled out re-signing to the New York Knicks next season, but apparently, he hasn't ruled out signing to the Lakers either.

"I don't want to go anywhere," Anthony told reporters before the Kicks' 98-89 win pre-season win against the Washington Wizards. "What other team would they say? I don’t think they’d say another team. That’s the only team they’d possibly say."

"I’m in New York. This is not something I want to keep going on. At the end of day, I don’t want to go anywhere," he added. "But when that time comes, I’ll deal with that situation."

Next July will be the first time in Anthony's career that he'll be a free agent, and he didn't back down from the previous comments he made stating that he wanted the "free-agent experience". He can opt out of his contract in February, and has already shot down the idea of signing a contract extension.

Carmelo Anthony has been quoted by the New York Observer as saying that he "wants to be a free-agent" and "needs time to evaluate". This leaves more than enough room for other teams to swoop in and try to win Anthony over.

Do you think Carmelo will re-sign with the Knicks, or will he sign elsewhere next July....possibly in Los Angeles with Kobe? Hmmm...