Tracy McGrady Admits To Thinking About Using PEDs To Speed Up His Recovery [VIDEO]


According to Pro Basketball Talk, Tracy McGrady was on NBA TV's Open Court and talked about the struggles from recovering from knee surgery.

McGrady explained how he considered taking performance enhancement drugs to help him get back to the way he use to be.

“I’ve never said this to nobody,” McGrady said. “Because I was playing at such a high level for so many years, and when I had my knee injury, I was doing everything in my will power to get back to that level. Naturally, I couldn’t do it. Because I just didn’t have the strength, I didn’t have the confidence, and I just didn’t believe that I was going to get there doing it naturally.

I'm glad he decided not to...Tracy wouldn't be Tracy if he did. The use of PEDs is such a controversial topic, should an athlete use it, shouldn't they. Many argue it doesn't matter if an athlete uses it but I just feel it's best to be's a kind of a slap in the face to those athletes who don't need PEDs and are amazing at what they do, but that's just me.