Mike Tyson just dropped his autobiography of Mike Tyson, Undisputed Truth, and the stories he tells about his drug use, Rick James and Eddie Murphy and playing Prince in a game of basketball in heels is shocking and entertaining.

Check out some excerpts via Rolling Stone:

He once was working on some music with Eddie Murphy and he was over at Eddie’s house. I went in and Eddie came up to me.

*“Mike, this nigga’s put his feet on my chairs,” Eddie said. He was complaining about Rick. Eddie had an immaculate house; everything had to be just right. And Rick was putting his smelly feet up on the chairs and they had asked him to stop, but Rick didn’t give a sh*t. “F*ck this. I can do what I want,” he said.*

*So Charlie, Eddie’s brother, went over to Rick. “Motherf*cker, this ain’t no joke up here,” he said and started choking Rick to restrain him. That didn’t go over too well with Rick. He got up and dusted himself off. And when Charlie turned his back to him, Rick called out.*

“Hey, Charlie.”

Charlie turned around and POW, Rick hit him so hard that you could see the impression “RJ” from Rick’s big diamond ring on Charlie’s face.

The next day, I went back to Eddie’s house and Eddie and Charlie were marveling over the fact that Prince and his guys had kicked their ass playing basketball. Prince had on his high heel shoes and he was still hitting every bucket. Swoosh. Swoosh.

Here’s where he admits to using a “whizzer” a fake penis during his cocaine infused days to get away with drug testing:

Confessing he had taken “blow” and “pot” before the bout, he said: “I had to use my whizzer, which was a fake penis where you put in someone’s clean urine to pass your drug test.”

He blamed a $200,000 fine for testing positive for marijuana after a 2000 fight against Andrew Golota in Detroit on the fact that he was tested before having a chance to get the ‘whizzer’ from a member of his team, whom he claims typically carried the device from fight to fight.

Tyson explained he had taken cocaine before a notorious televised press conference with Lennox Lewis in New York in January 2002, which descended into an onstage brawl between the rival camps.

“I lost my mind,” Tyson recalled. “I looked over at him and wanted to hit the motherf—er.” As the pair of heavyweights tussled, Tyson bit into one of Lewis’s legs.

Seems like a must read!

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