MLBPA Investigating Jay Z Over Birthday Gift To Robinson Cano


Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports’ every move is being watched and the latest investigation is a gift Hov gave to his client New York Yankees’ Robinson Cano for his birthday.

Cano, was given a Shawn Carter Fusion Hublot watch worth $30,000 for his 31st birthday recently which turns out to be a violation:

According ESPN, the MLBPA is investigating whether or not this transaction violates Section 5(B)(5)(a) of the MLBPA regulations that states:

”No Player or Agent or Applicant shall provide, cause to be provided or promise to provide, any money or any other thing of value to any player, or any person related to or associated with such player, the purpose of which is to induce or encourage such player to use or continue to use any person’s or firm’s services as a Player Agent, Representative, or Draft Advisor.”

Apparently there is a clause which allows certain gifts but when the amount exceeds $500, the information/documentation must be given to the union.