LeBron James Might Start At CENTER At 2014 All Star Game? Huh?


In super weird sports news, LeBron James may be starting at center at the 2014 All Star Game, something he himself was shocked to hear.

According to Bleacher Report, there are currently three players in the running for the “small forward” front court positions – Lebron James (technically he is a small forward), Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, so if all three win, King James would be a center by default.

(via Bleacher Report when asked if he ever thought he would be a starting center at the All Star Game)

"Hell no, it hasn't," James told Bleacher Report, with a hearty laugh. "Oh shoot, are you serious?"

Last season, due in part to the dearth of quality traditional centers in an evolving game, the NBA changed its voting format, eliminating the center category and splitting the options to "frontcourt" and "backcourt."

The first set of results won't be released until Thursday, and voting won't conclude until Jan. 20, with the starters named Jan. 23. But James, Anthony and George are heavy favorites to gain the top three frontcourt spots. All three are technically small forwards, though Anthony and James both play in the post quite a bit. And of the three, James is the one who has actually guarded centers at times.

Therefore, he would be the center by default. Which might make for a memorable tip-off, if only because it's different from anything James has done on that stage. There's not much, after all, that he hasn't experienced.

"Right," James said. "No, there hasn't been." Then he paused, laughed.

"Don't list me as no center in the All-Star game," he said. "Just list me as a player."

That would be weird to see.