E.S.P.JEN: MLB -- Ain't Love In The City Of L.A For Kanye?

There was no love for Kanye West at an L.A Dodger's game Wednesday night.

Us Weekly reports that Yeezy and his bro-in-law (sorta) Rob Kardashian were at the Dodgers vs. Mets game.

When the two were put on the jumbrotron, the crowd booed, according to tweets from an ESPN writer who was there at the game.

(via Us Weekly)

"Kanye West was just shown on the jumbotron at Dodger Stadium and booed," ESPN writer Arash Markazi tweeted of the star, who was accompanied by pals including Kim's brother Rob Kardashian. A short time later, Markazi noted that the rapper's seats had been upgraded. "Kanye West just got moved to second row seats near the Mets dugout. #KanyeWatch," he shared.

Markazi also took note of other celebs in attendance at the game -- as well as the difference in the crowd's reaction to them. "[Retired NBA player] Robert Horry is at the Dodgers game and gets a loud ovation. Sorry, Kanye," he tweeted. Then, a half hour later: "Robin Thicke is at the Dodgers game too and gets a loud ovation."

West, for his part, was a good sport about the boos. He seemed to be having fun with his friends and was even spotted grinning and laughing when the little girl next to his group stood up and rocked an air guitar.

Some people joked that the hip hop star's presence at the game was bad luck, especially when the red-hot Dodgers fell behind. "If the Dodgers, down 4-0 in 3rd inning, lose, you know I'm pulling the 0-1 when Kanye West is in the house card," Markazi tweeted an hour into the game. However, the team later won in extra innings.

No love.