E.S.P.JEN: NFL -- Kimberly Chartier Sues New England Patriots For $10 Million For Killing Her Husband

Kimberly Chartier is suing Patriots for death of husband after his altercation with the Patriot security guards.

This is 3 years after the incident she has been mourning with grief after the death and is now deciding to sue for the wrongful death of her husband.

They were invited on the field when the husband confronted officials about his son being on the field. The altercation didn't last very long when he walked back to his seat he stopped talked and was then rushed to the hospital. He was pronounced dead.

Reports say he died of cardiac arrest that was initiated due to he fact he was approached very disrespectful ad harsh when approached with his son.

We don't know if the officials was the cause of the death but this is not good at all.

The NFL is not able to give a statement at the moment.