E.S.P.JEN: NBA -- Gary Payton Wanted To Quit Basketball As A Rookie?! [VIDEO]

It's hard to believe what basketball would be like if the great Gary Payton didn't leave his mark in the league.

The former point guard wanted to quit basketball as a rookie but stuck it out becoming one of the NBA's best PGs to ever play the game.

Payton was the only player to ever have 20,000 points, 5,000 rebounds, 2,000 steals and 8,000 assists.

So why did he want to quit as a rookie in Seattle? He was unhappy with the coaching staff and was ready to leave if it did not change.

“If we wouldn’t have changed coaches (from K.C. Jones to George Karl),” Payton said, “I would have probably said, ‘Yo, you know what? I want to end this. I don’t want to do this anymore because I’m not happy.’ If they would have stayed with the same coach, I would have probably just shut it down. They would have tried to trade me or I would have told them I don’t want to play there anymore."

Payton will officially be inducted into the Hall of Fame on September 8th.

Thanks Payton for staying in the league, my lord!