E.S.P.JEN: NFL To Monitor Hits To Knees During Games

NFL are going to monitor hits to knees of defenseless players this season in an effort to further protect their players this year.

The chief of football, Ray Anderson, explained that this rule will occur if too many hits are going towards the knees of players.

Players that have been injured from being hit in the knees include Miami Dolphin TE Dustin Keller and Vikings DE Kevin Williams.

Anderson had the following to say about a potential rule change:

“We are always looking at plays that may elevate themselves and we do include in that category hits on defenseless players. And certainly the hits to knees to players who have not had the opportunity to protect themselves or are not looking in the direction of where the hit comes from – we have had a couple of hits whereby a player was hit below (or at) the knees.”

Is it this something that can be monitored?