E.S.P.JEN: NFL -- Mark Sanchez Booed During Practice + Cromartie Comes To His Defense

Saturday's scrimmage with the New York Jets did not go according to the play book for Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez threw another interception, one of many I'm hearing, to his cornerback Antonio Cromartie and as soon as it happened, the Jets' “starting” QB started to hear boos from the fans that were there in attendance.

This is the frustration from fans who've seen more interceptions and fumbles in training camp than ever before, so much more that instead of Sanchez's infamous "butt fumble", they're now calling all of his fumbles in camp "butt stumbles."

However, Cromartie came to his QB defense when questioned about the heckling.

Cromartie told the New York Post that the “boos were "bullcrap," adding that, "(Sanchez is) our quarterback. Geno’s our quarterback and they’re in competition. You don’t come out here and boo anybody."

If Sanchez is going to play like this against his own team, what's going to happen when he faces opponents? From the reports coming out of training camp, it doesn't sound like he's improved much from last season at all.

Jets fans, like myself, shouldn't expect a playoff run, and if they miraculously make it, great, if not, I wouldn't be surprised. The team is in the middle of a rebuilding phase, in every sense of the word.