E.S.P.JEN: NFL -- Vince Young To Workout With Green Bay Packers

The former No.3 overall pick and two-time Pro-Bowler, Vince Young, is set to work out with the Green Bay Packers and will compete with Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman to back up Aaron Rodgers.

Young participated in training camp with the Buffalo Bills in 2012 before being released Aug. 27. He may get a second chance to showcase his talents in the NFL.

Young is 31-19 as a starter in his six-year career and last started in 2011 with the Philadelphia Eagles’ “Dream Team.”

He was dismissed from the Titans after threw his shoulder pads into the stands following a Week 11 loss to the Redskins and got into an altercation with the head coach of the time, Jeff Fisher in the locker room.

Do you think Vince would be a great back up for Aaron Rogers? Will he leave his drama off the field? The Packers unit may be what he needs to set him straight.