Disrespect! This Is How Trent Richardson Found About Being Traded To The Colts?!

It might suck to be Trent Richardson right about now.

The running back heard about his trade on the radio and it looks like the Cleveland Browns are trying to make you forget he was even on the team by removing all things Richardson related from their franchise.

This is how Richardson describes hearing the news,

“One of my friends called me he was like ‘You got traded.’ I was like ‘Man, shut up talking to me get off my phone,’” he said, via NewsNet5.com. “I turned on the radio and all of a sudden I heard Cleveland Browns running back has been traded.”

“It just hit me in my face,” he said. “I didn’t see it coming.”

On Thursday spokesperson Zak Gilbert said concerning removing all traces of Richardson,“We began the process last night and will take a good 24 hours to take inventory and make some decisions.”

The team shouldn't have much trouble removing Richardson from the team's website and app but the more costly removal will be to republish all of the team's pocket schedules.

Gilbert also addressed that the team will have to do a once over of the stadium to remove any signs of Richardson, something that has to be done by Septemeber 29.

Wow, that really, really sucks.