First Manti T'eo + Now Miami Heat's Chris Andersen Gets Catfished In Underage Scheme


Miami Heat forward, Chris Andersen, catfish tale sounds like it’s straight from someone’s movie script.

According to the Denver Post, a woman from a small Canadian town used Andersen’s photo in a crazy Internet swindle.

This may get confusing so please bare with me.

Mark Bryant, Andersen’s lawyer and agent, said that this woman used the Birdman's photo attempting to strike up several relationships and even threatened one of Andersen’s female acquaintances.

Andersen’s home was even searched by the Douglas County Sheriff ‘s department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit in March of 2012 because of this woman in Canada.

The Canadian woman reportedly impersonated Andersen and had an online relationship with a young woman, whom's mother had been extorting, not knowing that it wasn't Andersen behind the screen.

Sick story right?

Thankfully for Andersen, he wasn’t charged with anything after the search of his home and his lawyer said Andersen was cleared of any crimes from numerous states, two countries, and more than 12 victims.

All this happened and Birdman had no idea. Could you imagine if this were to happen to you? Insane.