The Game Allegedly Punched This NBA Star In The Face At A Day Party!


Hip Hop Hollywood had inside access to Lure's day party "Toxic" this past weekend where a fight broke out between The Game and NBA star Brandon Jennings!

So what made these grown men fight?

Allegedly they got into a disagreement about who would use the DJ's mic. Yes.

Jennings was actually hosting his birthday party and celebrating with his friends and that didn't go over too well with The Game who frequents Lure.

One witness to the altercation said, "Game feels like Toxic is his, and he didn’t like that Jennings was hogging the microphone. He felt like he was being disrespected."

Another source said,“Game tried to have words with him, and it just escalated quickly and Game hit Brandon in the mouth.”

Don't you dare mic hog around The Game, no one gets the pass, not even a NBA star.