I had the chance to sit down with 2 time NY Giants Superbowl champion, Leonard Marshall, and talk about his NFL career and how his time in the league has affected his mind, literally. Marshall opens up about his brain disorder, which he says was from playing in the league. He also brings up the NFL’s need to bring more attention to this problem and give the aid that's very much needed to players.

The defensive linemen also talks about his hit on 49er’s great, Joe Montana, in what is deemed one of the most “devastating hits” in NFL history. Marshall also speaks on his relationship with his former teammates including Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor and how LT’s drug use affected the team.

There is pretty much no question Marshall refused to answer which was really cool so watch as I get to know this player. Oh and you’d be surprised to hear what he had to say about Richard Sherman’s outburst on the sidelines:

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