Carmelo Anthony Talks Openly About His Marriage To LaLa In EBONY [PHOTO]

One of basketball’s favorite couples, Carmelo and Lala Anthony grace the cover of EBONY Magazine’s February issue.

Inside the issue, the married couple of 3 years, reveals what keeps them grounded and their relationship strong. Melo speaks on how Lala had his back when no one else did, "There were people coming in and out of my life, and I didn't really know whom to trust. She was one of the people who stood by my side through thick and thick," Carmelo told EBONY. "Even to this day, she's always right there."

Lala also chimed in saying, "We knew no matter what, we wanted each other," she told EBONY. "We needed [to be] in each other's life, and that's what's been able to sustain this relationship all those years."

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