Goodbye St. Louis! The Rams Are Moving Back To LA?


Meet me in St. Louis? Nope not anymore. Sorry Missouri but it looks like you’re inching closer to no longer having a football team.

The Los Angeles Times first reported that Stan Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams, purchased a huge piece of territory in Inglewood, CA but it was all hearsay. Now, the Kroenke Organization has confirmed this rumor.

According to reports, the St. Louis Rams couldn’t work out a stadium deal in the city and are now able to move after the football season ends:

The Kroenke Organization confirmed Friday The Times' report that it bought a large piece of land in Inglewood. Billionaire Stan Kroenke, the owner of the St. Louis Rams, purchased a 60-acre parking lot located between the Forum and Hollywood Park that could potentially be used for an NFL stadium.

"As real estate developers, the Kroenke Organizations are involved in numerous real estate deals across the country and North America," a Kroenke Organization spokesperson wrote in an email statement.

"While we can confirm media reports that we recently purchased land in Inglewood, as a private company we don't typically discuss our plans for commercial or residential investments. We have yet to decide what we are going to do with the property but we will look at all options, as we do with all our properties."

Los Angeles has been without an NFL franchise since the Rams and Raiders left after the 1994 season. Although relocating a franchise would be fraught with challenges, and the L.A. market repeatedly has been used as leverage to get stadium deals done in other cities, this is the first time an NFL owner has bought a piece of land in the L.A. area capable of accommodating a stadium.

Los Angeles got the Dodgers and now have a football team back? There will be no shortage or rich movie stars or high profile celebrities at these games I’m sure.