Lil Terrio Is Dead Serious About Losing All That Weight + Heads To School [VIDEO]


Lil Terrio, or someone in his camp rather, posted a tweet a week ago saying that he wanted to lose weight, hashtagging “oohhkillemcalories”.

Well the little Vine star is on a mission to do just that. He hit the gym, did some boxing drills and juicing:

Terrio posted this photo of him juicing with the caption, "Just hit @thejuicespot and ran into @kingjames and his wife @mrs_savannahrj .. TerRios lovin this "Green Delight". He said, "This thang fiyya!! And it's good for you?!" Lol.. Ingredients are Apple, Kale, Spinach, Pear, cucumber, celery. #GetItRightTerRio #TheJuiceSpot . He want to go back and see LeBron he said and get some more juices. Lol. Where you at LeBron??

And for those who've been saying he's not educated and should be in school, well Terrio posted this photo on his Instagram:

We're proud of your progress Terrio!