NY KNICKS FANS REJOICE! Seahawks’ Coach Pete Carroll Congratulates Phil Jackson On New Role on Twitter! [PHOTO]

UPDATE: It's been confirmed. He will join the front office of the NY Knicks.

Will we be hearing his famous “whistle” from the stands? We just might!

The answer to all our prayers has happened Knicks fans. There’s been a lot of rumors going around about 13 time NBA champion (11 as a Coach, 2 as a player on the Knicks mind you) Phil Jackson possibly joining the New York Knicks' front office and all the chatter appears to be true.

Though there hasn’t been an official announcement, SuperBowl XLVIII World Champion Seattle Seahawks’ coach Peter Carroll just tweeted the following:

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The cat’s out the bag, let’s all rejoice! LOL. Well I guess we all can’t be too happy. Expect to be a lot of changes and quickly with the team and the staff. I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved some of our big time key players….and you know who I’m talking about. Hey whatever it takes to win a championship but I have no worries because James Dolan has finally come to terms with needing a lot of help to get there. You can’t get any better than the great Phil Jackson.

LeBron is a free agent after this season....you never know!

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How do you feel about Jackson taking on his new role with the Knicks? Before you answer I mean...:

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