BREAKING: NBA Commissioner Bans Donald Sterling From NBA + More

Just this afternoon, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, announced a decision in the Donald Sterling investigation.

Commissioner Silver first opened up the press conference with an apology to players, past players, and the league for Sterling’s actions and said this behavior does not condone this type of behavior.

- NBA Commissioner Adam Silver confirms that it is Donald Sterling's voice on the tapes.

- Sterling is banned for life from the NBA. He cannot attend any games, practices, be at any Clippers facilities & can't participate in any team decisions.

- Sterling will be fined $2.5 million, the maximum amount under the NBA constitution. The money will be given to charities that are against racism.

- Commissioner Adam Silver tells The Board he wants them to do what they can and force Sterling into selling the team. But is certain that it will happen.

- Although the life time ban is instituted, Sterling has to give up his ownership himself and sell.

If Sterling knows what's best for him, he better sell.