Interview: Relly On Smash Talks About His First Summer Jam Experience

Twitter personality Relly On Smash

Decked out in 10 Deep and a 40 Oz Van #Been #Trill hat, Relly is one of the most knowledgable hip hop personalities. I caught up with him for a chat, check out what he had to say!

When I assumed Relly was a seasoned Summer Jam attendee, he was quick to catch me, saying "nah, this is actually my first summer jam. My first experience so far." He went on to explain, "It's crazy. [Girls] be smoking hookah out the back of their trunks, [people] are trying to sell mix tapes, and weed!..someone tried to sell me weed... and all out of the same trunk!"

We briefly discussed who were most excited to see, to which Relly responded, "I'm excited to see the special guest! On the festival stage? Troy Ave, Action Bronson, Smoke DZA, definitely Bodega Bamz... Fab...I heard Pusha-T is coming! I'm definitely excited to see 2Chainz perform his new song off his album. I've been looking forward to that." When I reminded him that Mariah Carey is apparently coming, he said "that's crazy! We're going to have a f*cking blast!"

Relly is definitely a hip hop supporter and appreciative of its NY history. We spoke about the importance of Summer Jam and he said, "It's like the wrestle mania because wrestle mania is like 'the top.' If you're performing at wrestle mania, you're doing something right! If you're performing at the Summer Jam stage, you're doing it right. I'm surprised to see Joe Budden performing. He had a good year though! And Wu Tang Clan.."-- Definitely can't argue with that!

If you're an avid hip hop fan, make sure you follow Relly at @rellyonsmash on Twitter!


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