Who's Who: Backstage At Summer Jam XX Festival Stage

The Who's Who In Hip Hop

At every hip hop show, there is always a melee backstage. From entourages to staff, you never really know who you might run in to. This year, the festival stage brought some familiar faces in hip hop. Check them out below!

While the point of going to a concert is to the see the artists, backstage is practically another event entirely, showcasing the industry heads that are very much a apart of the culture.

Elliot Wilson

Elliot Wilson tweeted that he was definitely coming after 2 Chainz revealed that he was going to be releasing new music at Summer Jam.

Cartier Court and Vinny ChaSe

Featured above are Cartier Court and Vinny Cha$e. Vinny is a festival stage artist who gained a lot of notoriety after his hit "Biggie and Jordans" was featured on MTV. Hot 97 is also a big fan of Vinny's!

Eric of It's the Real

Eric is one of a powerful comedic duo working with ooVoo today. Jeff, who for some reason was outside of the gate, is his brother and co-captain of "It's The Real," a blog that reminds us not to take this hip hop thing too seriously. Their interviews have been known to bring out some of the best in our favorite artists. Smoke Dza and Joey Badass

Both artists performing on the festival stage, Smoke DZA and Joey Bada$$ represent NYC hip hop to the fullest. Here, were caught Smoke DZA probably giving some advice or wisdom to the young Bada$$.

Johnny Nunez

When you think of OGs in hip hop photography, Johnny Nunez should come to mind. He has shot every one of our favorite artists and is even shooting today!

Drewski, DJ Juanyto, and TJ

The party obviously starts when DJ Drewski, DJ Juanyto and TJ, whose calendar you may have seen, roll up.