Troy Ave

Taken from the name of the block he grew up on in Brooklyn, Troy Ave has been buzzing in the streets since as early as 2004. Before then he was living the high life of a clocker, but knowing that the game will either lock you up or bury you in the ground from seeing a friend catch a charge, Troy decided to turn his focus away from the corner and into the studio. Three mixtapes and 70,000 out-the-trunk sales later and he broke through in 2010 with the first project in his trilogy of reality, Bricks In My Backpack: The Harry Powder Story

With a co-sign and appearance from fellow Brooklyn MC and hit maker Fabolous, Troy weaved tales of the hustler lifestyle, complete with the ups and downs of the everyday drug dealer, from buying and selling product to forever racing to keep away from the feds. His vivid imagery and detailed storytelling creates a cinematic sound, complemented by a raw, punctuated flow so that listeners never have to question his intentions. Troy makes music for those who get money, and for those who strive to get money.

Following the massive street success of Bricks In My Backpack: The Harry Powder Story, Troy stepped it up in both his presence on the block as well as his career image with Bricks In My Backpack 2: POWDER To The People in 2011. Troy Ave’s second major effort included a huge guest appearance from Prodigy of Mobb Deep on “Dirty Martini” and a more sensitive side complimenting ladies with a “Beautiful Face”. Never straying too far from his roots he still gave props to his hood by bringing in PUSH! Montana and Wink Loc for the throwback anthem “The Town”. This second outing in what would become the Bricks In My Backpack trilogy showcased Troy’s development as an artist and the diversity he is capable of as he began to get noticed by elite magazines such as XXL and The Source, both of whom profiled the up and coming rapper.

 In 2012, the world truly took notice of Troy Ave’s budding success as the anticipation built for Bricks In My Backpack 3: The Harry Powder Trilogy. This tape would round of the autobiography of a rapper who never has throwaway bars in his verses, whether he’s dropping multi-reference punchlines or describing a situation with the utmost raw detail. His most recent effort, Bricks In My Backpack 3: The Harry Powder Trilogy is his most mature yet, taking his music from the street corners of the first tape, to the studio and stage on the second, and now to the top floor penthouse suites

 Troy was featured in Vice Magazine and on the rap powerhouse website HipHopDX. He also was given the chance to spit a freestyle on MTV2’s Sucker Free Countdown and in true form he appeared on the streets of New York and delivered a verse without changing his style or cleaning it up, resulting in a mostly censored 16 but proving that Troy Ave isn’t the type to turn his back on who he is. He embraces his character and keeps it real no matter what the situation.

With a unique style and bright personality, Troy Ave has proved that keeping it real is the key to success in the rap game. But it’s not about just being honest in your songs, it’s about being the same in person as you are on record, and letting your entire self be heard in your music, and Troy continues to do this as he keeps growing as an artist and putting forth the most effort in every project he releases. If New York has been waiting for an artist as charismatic and hard working as 50 Cent since 2003, then Troy Ave has arrived to fill that position and will certainly get the job done with his gettin’ money music.