There are some creative techniques to know when it comes to hair and make up.

It’s so hard being a woman because unlike men, we can’t just roll out of bed, step outside the house and call it day. It’s in our DNA to want to beautify ourselves for vanity and/or emotional purposes. With that being said, whenever a female hears about different ways she can spice up her look or alternatives ways to keep hair looking fresh without washing it for 3 days and not have it look oily, she’s all ears.

Well, I stumbled upon some key hair and make up shortcuts in People that will surely help you when it comes to primping yourself!


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Dandruff - Use green tea to combat a dry scalp! Make a cup of green tea and let it cool. Then add 1/4 cup of conditioner to it and put it on your hair. Let it sit for 3 minutes then rinse it off.

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Updos - To ensure that your updo will keep in place, shake your head with hard shakes. Any pieces that come loose pin them up. By testing your hairdo now, it will prevent it from coming apart later.

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Thicken Your Hair - This may sound bizzaro but use flour to create an extra full look, it especially works for those who have thin hair! The flour acts as a thickening agent when you combine it with equal parts conditioner. Just apply it to your hair after you shampoo and then rinse.

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Styling Product Amounts - There is such a thing as using too much product in your hair that it weighs down your strands. Use this much for each styling product

Use a dime-size amount for serum. Start at the back of your neck and move forward. That’s all you will need for all over shine. Any
more will you make look like you emptied a bottle of cooking oil over your head. Use a quarter-size amount of cream. That’s enough for all types of hair, whether your hair is long, short, dry, brittle, thick or thin.

Use a half-dollar size amount when using gel if you’re trying to keep a ponytail or bun looking sleek.

If you want a looser look, use about a quarter-size.

Use a golf-ball-size amount for mousse. This is the perfect amount to use for moveable and touchable hair. Anything more will make your hair crunchy.

Make Up:

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Cat Eyes - If you want a precise line when creating a cat eye, trace the liquid liner on the base of your top lashes. Then, place a post-it on the outer corner of your eye in an angle and use that as a guide. Super simple for a beautiful cat-eye.

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Brighten Your Lip Color - Use white eye liner to brighten up your lips and color your entire pout, then apply lipstick on top. The white works as a neutral canvas for the color which helps to make it really pop.

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Shimmer/Bronzer - Apply bronzer or a highlighter everywhere but on your forehead, nose or chin. The natural shine in these areas will help make oyurself sparkle. Applying it to your entire face will just make you look greasy.

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Vaseline - If you don’t have anymore make up remover or don’t want to spend money on it, use vaseline. It works plus it’s a huge money saver.

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Broken Powder - If you accidentally dropped your eyeshadow or powder and broke to a million pieces, just add a capful of rubbing alcohol to it and let it sit over night. The alcohol evaporates and brings the pieces back together!

I hope you ladies can use these shortcuts and essential beauty tips to your advantage ;)

Stay gorgeous!

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