We've all seen that one woman whose face is at least three shades lighter than the rest of her body, and that's usually a result of using a foundation much lighter than your skin tone.

Finding the shade that works best with your skin tone isn't impossible -- it's actually much easier than you think.

Cosmo offers a solution to your foundation troubles with these quick tips:

Pay Attention to Your Undertones!

The first mistake many of us make when choosing foundation is choosing a foundation based solely on the lightness or darkness of our skin tones. We should be certain to look at our undertones, which are either cool, warm, or neutral!

Cool and Darker Cool Skin

What does cool skin mean? It means that the veins in your wrist appear to be blue in hue, your skin takes on a pink color in the sun and you are prone to getting burned. If that sounds like you, be sure to choose a foundation that is rosier, redder, or blue in base!

Lighter and Darker Warm Skin

If your skin is warm in undertone, your veins appear green, and sunlight provides you with bronze or darkened skin. You catch tans! If this sounds familiar, that means you should choose a foundation gold or yellow in base.


Your neutral undertones couldn't pick a side! You have an equal number of blue and green veins, and you can pull off any look. Lucky you!

Happy foundation shopping!

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