Which lashes are right for your eyes?

You may think to yourself, "my eyelids are too small, my eyes are too huge" or other little things we girls nit pick at.

Believe it or not, I've seen a ton of females rocking lashes that look fake and unnatural for their eye shape all because it's more noticeable for them. Nope girls, that's not what you should be thinking when trying to find a pair-- bigger doesn't always mean better.

Here are the right lashes for Round Eyes

According to beauty blogger Michelle Phan try these dramatic lashes might scare you at first but once you bat these pretty lashes they'll accentuate your eye shape.

enter image description here

SEPHORA COLLECTION False Eyelashes $10.00

Eyelashes for Almond Shaped Eyes

This shape is definitely already unique and lashes with a nice flare will definitely give you the little extra kick to your look

enter image description here

Kardashian Beauty Lash Dash Faux Lashes Side Long Glance Extended Lashes, Kourtney's Lashes $9.99

Wide Set and Hooded Eyes

You definitely want long and short lashes on your false eyelashes with the longer lashes right above your pupil

enter image description here

Revlon Fantasylengths Maximum Wear Eyelashes Intensifying500 $6.59

So make sure you're wearing the right size for your eyes or you'll risk them looking too heavy on you or unnoticeable!

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