Have Small Kissers? Cheat Your Way To Plumper Lips!

Not all of us are lucky enough to have big ole lips like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox or Meagan Good but we can definitely cheat our way into it through the magic of make up.

enter image description here

If you have thin lips or just want that extra boost, here’s how to make your lips appear bigger than what they really are:

  1. Apply lip plumper and tissue it off after 5 minutes, you’ll get all the super size look without residue.

  2. Trace the border of your lips with the pointy end of your lipsticks. If your lipstick is dull, using a matching lip liner also works.

  3. Flip your lipstick and run the flat part over your lips to deposit a thin even coat of color. Blot to make it stay on longer during the day.

  4. Run clear lip liner above your cupid’s bow and under the central curve of your lower lip. The glossiness plays up these already pouty parts.

  5. Dab gloss on the center of your mouth in a heart shape.

VOILA! And there you have it, nice beautiful big lips. Just don’t OD and make yourself look like a duck or someone who OD’ed on collagen at the doctors. Cool? Coolio. So plump your lips ladies and work it ;)