A Guy's Guide To Buying The Right Pair Of Jeans

If you're one of the unlucky men who hasn't quite found the perfect pair of jeans, you're in luck.

GQ's carefully constructed panel gives top notch advice on what you need to know about denim and how to choose the right fit for you.

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Less Is More

Scott Morrison, 3x1 founder, suggests going for a clean, dark rinse denim if you're unsure of which direction to go in.

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Know Your Proportions

Know which jeans are most flattering for your body type. For example, shorter men should go for a tapered leg!

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Size Down

Matt Baldwin suggests sizing down in denim to preserve them because perfectly fitting denim stretches within the first 30 wears. The more you know!

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Keep it Clean

Levi's Made & Crafted creative director Miles Johnson advises buyers to inspect their denim thoroughly. "The cleaner the seam work, the smoother it feels against your skin," he says.

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Cuffing Season

Head of men's design over at J. Crew, Frank Muytjens suggests cuffing the hem of your jeans one or two turns for a stylish nerdy look.