How To Make Sure Your Extensions and Weaves Are On Point.. And Keep It That Way

If you wear extensions because you want a bit of added length or if you wear a weave for its aesthetic or protective styling benefits, you want to make sure it's great quality, lasts long and looks great. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

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High Quality Hair is A Must

You get what you pay for, right? While there is no better brand of hair, the quality of the hair is very important. Authentic virgin hair is the best quality of hair because it hasn't been chemically processed. Virgin hair can also be colored without doing excessive damage to the hair. Admittedly, authentic virgin hair can get a little pricey, but consider it an investment!

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Choose Your Texture

When choosing a texture, no matter if it's curly, kinky, or bone straight, make sure it's human hair! Synthetic hair can't be curled with heat, and is often cheap in appearance.

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Proper installation

Get your weaves and extensions installed by someone who actually knows what they're doing. Amateur installations can result in hair breakage and damage.

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Shampoo & Condition Your Weave- Often

It might not be the hair growing out of your scalp, but it should be taken care of like it is. Shampoo your weave just as frequently as you would your real hair. If you don't, expect product buildup which will break down the hair and make it impossible to wear. Conditioning depends on the texture of hair-curlier strands don't need as much conditioning as looser or finer textures.

Stay on point, ladies!