VOGUE Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour Chooses This Athlete As Her New Muse?! [PHOTOS]

VOGUE Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief is known to pick some of the best dressed celebrities as her muse -- in this case athletes and then put them in the forefront of fashion.

This pretty much gives them a stamp of approval when it comes to their style.

Her most recent muse was NY Giants’ Victor Cruz and that was a great choice but this one has many fashion followers scratching their heads.

Anna Wintour was spotted sitting front row with OKC’s Russell Westbrook at two fashion shows.

No one is sure if he was an invited guest but it’s safe to assume that since you have to either be the crème of the crop or an invited to even breath the same air as Anna Wintour, Russell is what she deems the best-dressed athlete at the moment.

Yes I know.


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