Hot Topic: Not Calling Someone Back Because They're Annoying [AUDIO]


Jay-Z and Robert De Niro are neighbors in Tribeca and friends…or are they?

Page Six is reporting that the two had a heated conversation while at a bash for Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday the other night where Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Jonah Hill, Ed Norton, Mark Ruffalo and Emma Watson also attended. Sources who were there at the party say that the actor was sitting at a table when Jay-Z walked over to say hi. De Niro then started complaining to Hov about how he never returned his calls in regards to recording something for the Tribeca Film Festival. He said he called Jay-Z six times and still didn’t hear anything back. Sources say that Jay tried to joke about it and told him he’s horrible with phone calls and Beyonce even came over while they spoke but it didn’t diffuse the conversation. The source says that DeNiro told Jay if “somebody calls you six times you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are, that is just rude.”

Obviously I don’t think Jay didn’t return his call intentionally however it did make us wonder that maybe he didn’t want to call De Niro because he just simply didn’t want to talk to him. We all can relate one way or another, having that one person we love and respect but sometimes just want to screen their calls because their conversations go on for hours or they’re just a little annoying. Click play and listen to who our callers don’t feel like picking up the phone for!

By the way, this situation between Jay-Z and Robert De Niro probably isn’t as serious as people are making it out to be. De Niro felt like the Godfather, Sam Rothstein, Jake La Motta will not be played lol and rightfully so. He’s a movie legend and he sure can be scary if he’s mad! I mean remember this?: