Warrant Issued For WNBA Star Over A Lover's Spat That Involves A Gun

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Love makes you do some crazy wild stuff lemme tell ya!

Six time all star and WNBA icon Chamique Holdsclaw is being sought after by the police after allegedly smashing in her ex girlfriend's car windows with a bat and then took a gun and shot at her car!

Her girlfriend Jennifer Lacey who also plays for the WNBA says Chamique chased her after the two finished a workout. Jennifer fearing for her life called a friend to meet her at a nearby location before the incident happened.

When police arrived at the scene Chamique was already gone but a a 9mm casing was found and a warrant has been issued for Chamique's arrest.

Chamique has had a rough life battling depression and even tried to commit suicide before she returned to the WNBA.