E.S.P.JEN: Plaxico Burress Finds A Home With The Steelers

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Plaxico Burress vowed he would impress any team he worked out for and he was right.

The Pittsburgh Steelers has signed WR Plaxico Burress to a one year deal. The Steelers have been looking for an answer to their struggling offense since Jerricho Crotchery and Antonio Brown are injured. The Steelers will continue to start Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders and will play Burress as a number 3 option.

Plaxico played for the NY Jets last season and was affective in the red zone getting 8 TDs during the season but he only had 6 catches over 20 yards none over 40 yards, the main reason why he was let go from the team.

I always felt like the Jets should’ve kept Plaxico, I mean look at what we have now, players who can’t even hold on to catches. Plaxico would’ve done so well for us this season!