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Hot Topic: Coming Out The Closet Thanksgiving [Calls]


Thanksgiving is only days away and besides eating all the delicious food your family’s going to make, you can also spend some time watching the newest installment to R.Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet”!

The newest chapter is set to drop on Black Friday. Kellz says he already has 20 chapters in the video bank with hundreds more to come. If you all remember, in the last chapter of his video series it ended with someone coming out the closet, literally. I guess it’s fitting for the newest video drop to on Black Friday during Thanksgiving week because for some reason, people love to drop bombshells to their loved ones during this holiday.

So, we were curious to see if our listeners ever had anyone in their family come out of the closet at Thanksgiving or if they’re planning on doing it themselves on Turkey Day and trust me you will not believe what we heard!

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