Instant Survey: Is Hally Berry Her Worst Problem? [AUDIO]


I don't know any other celebrity besides J.Lo that has had this much bad luck with men than Halle Berry.

The beautiful actress' current boyfriend French actor/former boxer Olivier Martinez and her baby's father Gabriel Aubry got into a fight on Thanksgiving after he brought their 4 to Halle's home. Words were exchanged between the two men and sources are saying that Aubry initiated the fight. Little did he know Olivier was a former boxer and this was the end result:

enter image description here


Halle's trying to get a restraining order against her baby's father so that he can't be within 100 feet of her, their baby or Olivier.

Halle has had her fair share of issues when it comes to relationships and this is just another one for the books but what it comes down to it, are all these problems she's been having over the years is because of the men she chooses to be with or is it her?

We take it to an Instant Survey to see what the people think!