Confidential Documents Used As Confetti During Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

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Confetti is usually made from paper but for this Thanksgiving Day parade, it's confetti was meant to be confidential.

People gathered around this Thanksgiving holiday to join the annual festive parade for what they thought would be normal but something really bizarre happened. As some of the giant-sized balloons floated by and confetti was thrown some sensitive information landed on the shoulders of some bystander. One witness said a piece fell on her shoulder with a social security number written on it. And as other came forward, more information was discovered including some of Nassau’s county detectives by name. The sensitive information exposed some detectives that were supposed to be undercover. Yikes!

Seriously, why would they ever get rid of confidential information this way??? Furthermore, the documents appeared to be easily put back together as some were doing so during the parade. Ridiculous!

Someone's definitely on the verge of getting fired!