Hot Topic: What You Do In The Dark Will Come To Light! [AUDIO]


There’s this photo going around of Keyshia Cole giving fellatio to someone and although it looks like the R&B singer, it actually isn’t her!

Keyshia says the woman in the photo is not her and it turns out she’s right, the woman is actually someone by the name of Mari Lynn. I’m not sure what Mari Lynn does, you know porn star, video chick or if she’s just a regular girl but she did tweet Keyshia apologizing for the mix up.

K.Foxx says it’s really embarrassing for Keyshia to go through this since she’s a married now and has a child, no one wants to see a photo of their wife going down on another man, but the fellas seems to disagree, surprise surprise.

Even if it were Keyshia, I’m sure she doesn’t want what she’s done in her past to come out now, it should stay hidden and be buried!