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Hot Topic: Freezing Up in A Stressful Situation (Man Crushed By Train) [CALLS]

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The New York Post is receiving a lot of backlash for their cover which showed a picture of the man who was pushed into the train tracks moments before his death.

The 58 year old from Queens was pushed into the tracks after he had an argument with another person who witnesses say, appeared to be a little off and scared other riders . The photo of the man and the oncoming train have people outraged because instead of doing the right thing and help the victim, the photographer decided to snap pictures of him right before he was crushed in between the platform and the train.

Though many point the finger and blame the photographer for doing this, can we really be upset with him? Many people talk to the talk and say they would’ve helped the man but we all know NYC lives by one motto, “mind your own business” no matter what it comes to. Some people have never been in a stressful situation like this, have never seen something traumatic happen in front of them and don’t know how to react. They end up freezing up because they’re really in shock and literally can’t do anything.

I’ve been in situations like that before when something crazy happened in front of me and I just didn’t know what to do. Do I mind my own business? Do I help? Some people can just handle things like this better than others.

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