E.S.P.JEN: Marquez Knocks Pacquiao Out Cold In Stunning Upset [VIDEO]

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Marquez met for the fourth and final time at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, fans from the Philippines and Mexico filled the stadium ready to watch what would be an epic fight.

It was to be the final chapter in their long series of fights and it was surely one to remember, not only because it’s the last time these two would meet in the ring but it what we ended up witnessing was one of the most shocking moments in boxing history.

Both fighters were out of their elements and fighting like they were in a street fight as opposed to a boxing match. But by the 6th round, both had 1 KO’s a piece with Pacquiao winning the fight, landing more punches then Marquez and it was clearly shown by Marquez’s battered face. But then out of nowhere with 2:59 seconds left in the round, the Mexican fighter countered Pacman’s hit and punched him square in the face dropping the Filipino warrior to the floor, knocking him out cold.

Check it out: (…28 second mark)

I’ve never ever in my life have seen Manny Pacquiao knocked out cold like this. I thought he died for a second because he literally stayed face down on the mat for a good 30 seconds. There was only one second left till the bell rang, just one second away from what would’ve spared Pacquiao the knockout heard around the world. It was truly unbelievable, and a moment in boxing history. The odds were in Pacman's favor for this fight and it was a stunning upset to say the least.

When Larry Merchant interviewed Manny, he coyly said that there may be a Marquez vs. Pacquiao 5, no shock there because what happened to him in the ring definitely put the battery back in his back.

Pacquiao had no desire to fight Marquez for the fourth time initially, he was more interested in setting up a match against Floyd Mayweather but because that fell through he went in a different direction. I can't help but feel like Pacquiao lost his desire to fight but honestly he doesn’t need to fight at this level anymore, he wanted to fight against the best of the best in Floyd Mayweather.

So because this unfortunate K.O happened, we can expect to see Manny back in the ring against Marquez soon. He is out for redemption, however this fight does bring up the question, how well will Manny do against Mayweather?