LAPD Apologizes To The Wallace Family Over Leaked Autopsy Report

All hell must’ve broke lose once the late Notorious B.I.G.’s autopsy report was leaked to the public before his family was notified.

This weekend the internet world went crazy over the leaked autopsy reports that were first discovered by TMZ of the late Brooklyn native rapper. The Los Angeles Police Department is deeming the leak as an “administrative error”. Detectives say the plan was to tell the family prior to the report being published but the information, however, was prematurely leaked Friday morning. LAPD contacted the Wallace family Friday (Dec. 7) night issuing an apology for the 23-page document leaking.

According to officials, the document previously had a security hold on it but that hold was lifted last week. The autopsy revealed that only one of the four bullets that struck Biggie was fatal. The family seems to be distraught, blasting the LAPD, and questioned how the release of the information would help this case in any way.

The 15-year-old murder remains unsolved.