Hot Topic: Ever Broken Up Over Suspicious Photos? (Coco + A Rapper In Vegas) [AUDIO]

Coco is caught up in a cheating scandal when photos of her and a rapper named AP9 looking a little too close to comfort hit the internet.

Ice T is upset and has every right to be so over the leaked photos and Coco has since then apologized to her husband for her behavior. She stands firm that nothing more than the photos happened between her and the rapper, however pictures do speak a thousand words and those pictures are screaming.

Even though she’s not doing anything in the photos except hugging him real closely, it’s enough to raise a red flag. For anyone in a relationship, if they saw pictures like the ones Coco had of their wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend they’d be worried. I don’t care who you are and how much you claim to not be a jealous person, you’ll be concerned.

People have literally broken up over suspicious photos of their partner on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!