Gunman Kills Two People In Oregon Mall and Takes His Own Life [VIDEO]

The mall went into a panic as shots fired from a semi-automatic rifle yesterday afternoon at a Portland mall out in Oregon.

Witnesses said the gunman yelled “I am the Shooter” before the shooting on Tuesday December 11th happened during the Christmas Holiday rush. The shooting resulted in 2 people who were shot to death while another was seriously injured. Sources say the gunman, who was described to be an adult male also took his own life.

Many shoppers waiting in line to take pictures with Santa immediately had to dive for cover as the shooting began. Employees shut the doors to the mall as police quickly arrived on the scene. A Macy’s employee witnessed the gunman run by in a white mask and a rifle where shortly after she heard the gunshots. Some described the scene to be a “massacre”.

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(Courtesy Of NBC)

A mall during the holidays which is supposed to be filled with joy was quickly turned into sorrow. These mass shootings are becoming too frequent...